Welcome to SD 455 !

Please visit a registry for all 1973 - 1974 Super Duty Trans Am/Formula models while I update this site.
SD 455 Registry

The idea of the registry is to publish each SD model year in viewable format.
The format will include VIN numbers and RPO code options along with cowl tag information.
The registry is a work in progress and will only be successful through participation from SD 455 enthusiasts.
All personal information will remain private on the registry, or at your option you need not disclose any personal information.
As a fellow owner and SD 455 enthusiast, I look forward to seeing how many of these "Super Duty" models were built.

This page is continually being
updated. If you have any suggestions, problems
or ideas, please e-mail them to me.

[email] Send e-mail tojohn@sd-455.com